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As we pray for God to open our eyes to what He is doing around us, He stirs in us a passion to get outside the walls of our building. Over the past few years, we have partnered with local ministries, such as Hill Country Community Ministries. We also have ministries that come from within our church family that reach out to our community, for example the Canyon Creek Preschool. God is placing a burden on our hearts to know who lives, works, and attends school in our circle of accountability. Within a 2 mile radius of our campus we have learned that a large percentage are South and East Asian, that we are the closest evangelical church to the campus of Concordia University, and that many live in one of 9 apartment complexes along 620. Statistics show that only 5% of apartment residents attend church. God has placed this church in the middle of a mission field. It is our desire to join God in His mission to reach every man, woman and child in our community with the love of Christ.
Many opportunities exist for you to minister either through an ABF or on an individual basis. Prayerfully browse the list below to see where you might invest your God given abilities. No one will ever see Christ in us, if we isolate ourselves.


Hill Country Community Ministries

Hill Country Community Ministries is a nonprofit organization, a coalition of churches founded in 1983 to help families in crisis and those living in poverty in southwest Williamson and far northwest Travis counties. The Church at Canyon Creek partners with HCCM by conducting food and clothing drives, providing maintenance and upkeep at the property, and many volunteer hours. The Pollard, Trevino/HIll, and Jones ABFs facilitate our partnership with Hill Country Community Ministries. Follow the link to find out how you can volunteer at HCCM.

Texas Baptist Childrens Home

Since 1950, Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock has provided a haven of hope for children and families in crisis through its residential programs for children and single-mother families, as well as community-based outreach and prevention programs. ABFs from The Church at Canyon Creek have partnered with different programs at TBCH. Currently, the Camp ABF is investing with Boys Cottage 7. And, the Courtney ABF is working with Girls Cottage 1. For more information about how you can volunteer at TBCH, follow the link below.

Canyon Creek Preschool

The Canyon Creek Preschool is located on the Church at Canyon Creek campus. The school serves many families of the Canyon Creek and surrounding community. The Melles and Evans ABFs serve the needs of the preschool and lead the church in ways to minister to the families of the preschoolers.

Austin Disaster Relief Network

The Austin Disaster Relief Network is a recently formed organization comprised of church, ministry and business leaders within the Christian community of Greater Austin.

Our vision is to Serve Christ by establishing a network that will meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster. We will accomplish this vision by building a communication infrastructure in Greater Austin that will enable and empower the body of Christ to organize, mobilize, connect, and respond quickly in the event of a disaster, great or small.

We believe we can be an asset to the body of Christ by organizing and mobilizing their resources so they can effectively and efficiently focus on the people affected by tragedy. By working together, we believe lives will be transformed in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Church at Canyon Creek will be having training opportunities for those who want to be prepared for when disaster calls for the need for volunteers. Stay tuned for information on upcoming training sessions.
Click here to register for the next ADRN oriendation.
ADRN Volunteer Ministers to Bastrop Fire Victims by Kay Tooley, ADRN Team Member
It was clear, from the beginning, that the invitation from Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) to join with their efforts was something Keith and I both felt. A pastor from our previous church had invited us to a fund-raising dinner for ADRN in late July, and after that evening, we were hooked. We went to the ADRN initial orientation, met with like-minded volunteers from The Church at Canyon Creek - under the capable leadership of Amy Goss - and we were off.

Having previously registered for a three-night CISM (Crisis Incident Stress Management) training session - there could not have been better timing. Fires ravaged Steiner Ranch, Leander, Pflugerville, Spicewood and Bastrop, and we were being trained in the literal 'afterglow' of these disasters.

I was ready and willing to go to Bastrop as they were opening up subdivisions daily for the residents to return and survey the damage to their homes. I have, however, a high-paced and challenging job. I had also recently used all of my vacation time for a trip to see our daughter in Lebanon. I conveyed my desire to serve during this pressing time of need to my HR department, and to my surprise, they called me in to tell me that someone had anonymously donated (we have over 600 employees) a day of vacation time for me to go to Bastrop and serve. What a gift!

Trained, with a vacation day off and ready to go, I went to Bastrop. Our team, with sheriff escort, entered the previously closed subdivisions of Bastrop. This was the first time the folks had been allowed to return to their homes... or lack thereof. In teams of two (made up of an ADRN volunteer and a pastor from an Austin-area church) we, along with assigned drivers, visited the homes where families were present.
We 'debriefed' (a series of carefully constructed questions designed to allow opportunity to vent/share/explore), visited with, shared bottled water/breathing masks, prayed with, handed out resource materials, filled out forms for those who wanted to be ‘adopted’ by one of the approximately 100 churches in the greater Austin area, and generally listened to their stories. Some were too shaken to talk, others cried, and we ran across the occasional individual whose home did not burn and they were struggling with “survivors guilt.”
FEMA appraisers, water and power companies, and Bastrop sheriff and Texas Public Safety personnel, made up the team of responders.
Utter devastation and destruction would be the best way to describe the area. Melted, stinky, black and gray, full of hazards, wayward lost animals and pets....very quite. Only an occasional helicopter passing over.

One thing that particularly stood out for me, as we listened to so many stories, was how many of these victims had numerous other issues they were dealing with: major health issues (many battling cancer), no insurance of any kind, collapsed family systems, recent deaths in their extended families, and so much more. It was clear there were several levels, in all the folks we debriefed, of crisis. They needed hope. They needed a listening ear. They needed to know help was available.

I came home feeling rather somber, reminded of the need we all have for hope, help and purpose amidst living this side of heaven.

Care Connection

The Church at Canyon Creek is now participating in a benevolence program called The Care Connections. The Care Connection is a network of churches in Northwest Austin that is combining their resources to meet the social service needs of the area. Approximately 10-12 churches have been meeting monthly to develop a plan to serve people more effectively than they could working as individual churches. The Care Connection refers families in crisis to resources for low cost clinics for physical, mental, and dental needs, food programs, clothing needs, or developing a budget.
If you find yourself or know someone in need of assistance contact our representative, DaLee Trevino, 512-940-5635 or Keith Tooley, 512-331-7340.

Foreign Exchange Student Program

Have you ever wanted to travel abroad to see and learn about a new country? Well, hosting a foreign exchange student is a great way to learn about another country right here in your own home. Host families provide a student with a loving home and meals; however, the students have their own spending money and insurance. This is an amazing opportunity that will truly benefit your family as well as the student and his/her natural family. CIEE, Council on International Educational Exchange, has been working with students and families since 1947 and would love to work with you.
To get more information on how to host a foreign exchange student contact Leslie Ross.

Mission Possible!

The stated goal of Mission Possible! is to connect the Body of Christ so it can serve urban communities and empower individuals through spiritual, social, and economic programs. In the past, we have had ABF and Children's ministry involvement at Mission Possible! Also, individuals have ministered through different programs at Mission Possible!, such as, providing meals for families, and spending a weekend called Urban Submersion serving families and homeless in need. Click on the link to learn more about Mission Possible!
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New Hope Manor Nursing Home

The Ladies class, led by Carolyn Dixon, regularly visit and minister to residents at New Hope Manor Nursing Home. This act of compassion reflects the essence of James 1:27. Contact Us if you want information about this ministry outreach.

MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers)

The Church at Canyon Creek MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a support group for moms with children from birth through kindergarten. MOPS provides a welcome break for moms, with the opportunity to connect with others experiencing the unique joy and daily struggles of raising young children.

Impact Austin

Impact Austin is a youth led ministry that cares for homeless in downtown Austin. Youth and youth leaders go downtown once a month to provide food, water, and to minister to those who live on the streets of Austin. To find out upcoming dates, click on the Student Ministry website link.

Unceasing Prayer Initiative

We have never seen churches, parachurch organizations, various community organizations and Christian businesses working so closely together to reach Greater Austin for Jesus Christ. There is a sense of unity in purpose with these churches and organizations, not competition, and this community is gradually changing. As we reach out to Austin, unbelievers will have more and more opportunities to hear the gospel and see God’s love in action. This is an exciting time in history for this beautiful place we call home. So our “unceasing prayers” for Austin are making a difference.

The Church at Canyon Creek is part of this God-sized vision to reach Austin for Jesus Christ. And it is happening! As the Church at Canyon Creek prays for Austin the first Thursday of each month, we are joining over 30 other churches in Austin this month who are also praying for God to change this city. If you have not done so, won’t you sign up to be part of this “Unceasing Prayer” for Austin initiative? Click on the link below to view the prayer wall then contact Chris Brock and she will add you to prayer wall.
Prayer sign up list.pdf
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