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The Church at Canyon Creek
Global Missions
The  call  of God  is to “GO ” and where we are called to go is our Jerusalem (Austin), our Judea (the  United  States), our Samaria and to the ends of the earth, which pretty much includes all the countries in the world. Another way to put it is that we are called to go here, there and everywhere. At The Church at Canyon Creek, we take this call to “go” seriously as we have been going to several different places in the world since 2004. The places we go are determined by where we believe God is leading us. Then we form strategic partnerships with missionaries and churches in those places, and those partnerships include short-term mission trips.
Throughout history, God has used exposure to other cultures as a powerful teaching tool. When we hear different languages, see different sites, smell different scents, and experience different customs, we are able to realize—in a new way—how diverse, creative and BIG our God is. God uses experiences on mission trips to help us become more dependent on Him, to destroy our pride and shape us into servant-learners. As we serve and learn, we participate with God in His work of redeeming and transforming the world.
Those who have been on mission trips come back changed. When we give our time and resources to God, take a risk and go, then become completely dependent on Him for several days in a foreign place, He does something BIG in us. Some of the comments past trip participants have made include: “My world view has been expanded”… “I was amazed at how God showed up”… “What happened was a miracle”… “I had to be dependent on God, so I drew closer to Him”… “God provided just what we needed every step of the way”… “On this trip, God affirmed the spiritual gifts and abilities He has given to me.”… “I did not hardly know anyone on the trip, but we bonded quickly and became family”… “Reaching out to people there makes me want to make that a priority here.”
Many of our church members and regular attenders have felt the call to go on one or more of these trips, that are anywhere from six to twelve days in length. All that we ask anyone who attends our church is this: “Would you pray to see if God wants you to go on a trip in 2014?” Then leave the rest up to God to tell you what He wants you to do.
This video reflects God's heart for the nations.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in Europe, with an estimated two percent of the population born again Christians. Almost three years ago, God gave our church a mission to reach the Czech people with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. Since 2012, God has led our church to partner with a missionary family and two churches there, located in two different communities. We send teams to the Czech Republic every year to teach English in public schools and work with our partners there. For more information about this initiative, contact Czech Ministry Leader Geoff Hammond at hammondovi@mac.com.


Along the Texas border with Mexico is the small town of Progreso. Our church has been reaching out to this community for the past 10 years by serving the people in various ways, from providing food, clothing and shoes, to building homes for those who hardly have a roof over their heads. We currently have a partnership with one of the churches in Progreso where we help them with Vacation Bible School, sports and women’s outreaches. We also help improve homes there. Each year we send two teams – during spring break and the summer. The spring break trip is a family trip. Contact Team Leader Jason Radke at radke.jason@heb.com. The summer trip is a Student Ministry trip. Contact Team Leader Dusty Brewer at dusty@tcacc.net.

Church Builders

Church Builders is a 30-year-old organization with a mission to build churches in the United States. Each year, hundreds of volunteers join forces to build a church in one week. The Church at Canyon Creek has sent teams, since 2005. Check the information page for upcoming Church Builders trips. Contact team leader Ben Haley at bphaley@austin.rr.com.

East Asia

Our church has been working with missionaries in East Asia for the past seven years to reach seven Unreached People Groups (UPGs). UPGs are groups of people who have a distinct culture, language or social class in which less than two percent are believers in Jesus Christ. Each year we send a team to work with the missionaries there to accomplish their goals, such as planting churches in the villages. For more information about this initiative, contact East Asia Ministry Leader Matt Watson at mattwatson@austin.rr.com.

Additional Global Mission organizations and projects

International Mission Board - www.imb.org
Buckner Ministries - www.buckner.org
Tamar Center - www.ywamthai.org/pattaya/tamar.html
Empower a Child Uganda - www.empower-a-child.org
Mission of Hope Haiti - www.missionofhopehaiti.org
Compassion International - www.compassion.com
World Vision - www.worldvision.org
Operation Mobilization - www.om.org